Vision Statement

  1. To nurture budding nurses who will blossom into compassionate, conscientious, innovative and skilful nurses to function maximally in their careers.
  2. To reform the 21st-century Nursing students.

Mission Statement

To build a community of nursing students who despite their rigorous academic schedules are able to optimise their God-given potentials while attaining academic excellence..

Deborah Onumajuru Budding Nurse Founder


Our Founder

Mrs. Deborah Onumajuru is an RNM, BNSC🇳🇬, UKRN 🇬🇧

She is popularly called "Mother Hen" by members of her community.

She is a Nursing Student Clarity Coach/Mentor.
She helps Nursing students gain clarity to have a fulfilling career in Nursing.

She is the Founder of "THE BUDDING NURSE COMMUNITY". TBN is a social community where student nurses are groomed to optimize their God-given potential while attaining academic excellence.

The Budding Nurse community was borne out of a passion to nurture the next generations of compassionate, confident, versatile, conscientious, and disciplined nurses.

She is the Academic Director, at Stepped Up Nurses Academy.

She is also an online Instructor for Pregnancy Support Foundation.

She has devoted time and resources to giving health education to pregnant women. She has shared her thoughts on topical issues in pregnancy through various social media platforms.

Before relocating, she ran a small food business with the brand name EMMJAY FOODS (TOM BROWN CEREALS) which caters to the nutrition of the growing child.

She is a Budding Editor/proofreader and author. She is also an essay and speaking assessor.

She has attended training with certification in Self series, Public speaking, Emotional Intelligence, and Personal Development.

She is an alumnus of the Nurse Mentorship Academy.

She was featured in the 7th Edition of the Nursing Stars magazine and the 48th Edition of Nurse Deck Magazine.

In 2021, she got the Iconic Brand Awards for the ” Phenomenal Personality of the Year”

She also volunteers for several organizations such as Nurse Mentorship Academy, My Health My Strength, The SteppedupNurses Academy, UNIFIED OSCE, and many more.

She is a lover of God, a public speaker, a content creator, a graphic designer, a personal development advocate, a mother to 2 lovely kids, and a wife to a husband who has been of immense support to her pursuit.

You can connect with her on Linkedln

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