Contrary to the popular notion that Student Nurses are always busy with school work, clinical posting, and surviving nursing school, Interestingly, there are so many volunteer opportunities that help in promoting growth. Engaging in these extra-curricular activities are necessary for so many reasons. Some of them include.

1. ENCOURAGES NETWORKING WITH PEOPLE: Volunteering encourages networking with people in different fields of study. It serves as a platform that provides individuals with the opportunity to expand their social network and meet new people. Volunteering allows students to build and maintain relationships, which can lead to valuable connections and opportunities in the future.

2. IMPROVES MENTAL HEALTH OF INDIVIDUALS: Nursing school can be very stressful mentally. A good way to relieve one’s stress is by engaging in volunteer activities. Engaging in these activities can help reduce stress, improve your mood, and provide them with a sense of fulfillment. It gives individuals the chance to explore their passions and discover other areas they might be interested in beyond Nursing.

3. ENHANCES LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK SKILLS: Volunteering can also assist student nurses in developing their leadership and collaborative skills, two traits that are essential in the nursing field. Learning how to cooperate with others and function as a team might benefit student nurses by working with people from varied backgrounds and cultures.

3. EXPAND KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: Student nurses can gain new experiences and enhance their knowledge by volunteering in fields unrelated to nursing. As a result, they may have a more comprehensive grasp of the world and the many needs of various populations, which may guide their nursing practice and result in more comprehensive and efficient patient care. Additionally, volunteering can help student nurses develop real-world skills that they can use in their nursing careers in the future.

4. GAIN EMPATHY AND COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Volunteering can help student nurses in gaining empathy and communication skills, which are necessary for giving patients compassionate care. Student nurses can develop their interpersonal skills and gain experience working by volunteering.

Some Student Nurses find it hard to include other non-academic related activities in their schedule. A good way for them to tackle this is by prioritizing their activities and being intentional about ensuring they participate in other activities like volunteering, educational hangout, public speaking events, and contesting for leadership positions, among many others. Take time out to care for yourself, pursue your hobbies and interests outside of nursing, and maintain healthy relationships with family and friends. Not only will this help you maintain your mental and physical health, but it will also help you become a well-rounded person and a better nurse.

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