What is your exit plan?

Last week, I received chats from two Nursing students who had this burden in their hearts about what’s next for them after Nursing School.

Aside from these students I cited above, I get to help Nursing students and new graduates gain clarity about their careers from time to time.

Whenever I see messages like this, I respond as soon as possible as it takes me back on memory lane. I remember when I had to ask myself deep-seated questions and how these thoughts occupied me for days, and the freshness I felt when things began to unfold.

Dear Budding Nurse,

Have you started thinking or asking yourselves these questions?
Have you been suppressing the thoughts?
Are you on the team, “The Future will take care of itself”?
Are you waiting till you get to write Nursing council and you realize you have no plan for life after school?

I ask again,what is your exit plan?

Have you penned them down?

You can’t keep pushing a reality that will stare you in the face sooner or later.

Start planning now!!!

Never leave that nursing program unprepared for what lies ahead.
I am rooting for you 🥳

Deborah Onumajuru
Founder, The Budding Nurse Community

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