We Help Nursing Students Gain Clarity To Have A Fulfiling Career.

Do you want to be in a community of fellow nursing students who want to maximize their potential?

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Who Are We?

The Budding Nurse community was born out of a passion to nurture the next generations of compassionate, confident, versatile, conscientious and disciplined nurses.


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Deborah Onumajuru Budding Nurse Founder


Our Founder

Mrs. Deborah Onumajuru is an RNM, BNSCπŸ‡³πŸ‡¬, UKRN πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

She is popularly called "Mother Hen" by members of her community.

She is a Nursing Student Clarity Coach/Mentor.
She helps Nursing students gain clarity to have a fulfilling career in Nursing.

She is the Founder of "THE BUDDING NURSE COMMUNITY". TBN is a social community where student nurses are groomed to optimize their God-given potential while attaining academic excellence.

The Budding Nurse community was borne out of a passion to nurture the next generations of compassionate, confident, versatile, conscientious, and disciplined nurses...


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Oluwakemisola Olarewaju


The Budding Nurses Community has been a huge blessing to me.

So far, I've enjoyed guidance concerning my journey into the Nursing career. Due to all the activities we engage in, I am beginning to gain clarity as to why I am studying Nursing, what area to specialize in, and how I can bring my uniqueness into this profession.

The plethora of opportunities I have been exposed to since I joined the community has been awesome. Almost every day, there is a fresh opportunity to grow, and acquire useful skills.

The Budding Nurses community has also given me the beautiful opportunity to serve as a content writer. Because of all that this position demands, I have developed my skill as a writer, worked with other wonderful student nurses and also grown into an effective leader.

I'll be forever grateful to Mrs Deborah Onumajuru, the amazing founder of The Budding Nurses community, and also to all members for this beautiful journey of growth, clarity and service.❀️

Asst.Team Lead: Content Creation Team



The Budding Nurses Community is one that has been of immeasurable value to me.

This Community that is headed by Nurse Deborah Onumajuru, is one that positively impacts and guides student nurses onto achieving great feats.

The LinkedIn 5 days visibility challenge that was coordinated was my first ever and I can boldly say that it has opened way for so many other challenges.

Volunteering at this great group showers me that I possessed quite a number of skills and I would perfect them with sincere consistency.

The Budding Nurses Community has shaped my life so well and I'm really thankful to the founder and coordinator, Mrs Deborah Onumajuru for this initiative.


Oluwalana Oluwabukola (SONAD)


With my greatest APPRECIATION.

I am grateful to everyone in the community for the wonderful support, kindness and compassion shown to me during the little period I have spent in nursing.

Words can not express the gratitude I have in my heart for what The Budding nurse community have done.

May God richly bless our family. Long live Budding Nurse Community

To my very good mummy (Deborah onumajuru), thank you so much mummy for being so sweet and approachable😻❀️. Oluwabukunmi loves you, mummy


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